What is SEO

Seo is a word that stands for search engine optimization. It involves implementing a myriad of techniques and tools to improve a sites visibility in a search engine results. In essence, the rank that the page appears in the results directly influences the number of visitors or traffic that it gets.

Types of SEO

Two main types of optimization exist. They are

search engine optimization10White hat techniques (ethical SEO) – involves implementing all SEO guidelines and doctrines to the letter. The content avoids focusing on the search engine and rather focuses on the user. It ensures that search engines index content is pertinent to the final content that the user will encounter. White hat optimization encourages ethical practices that promote the ranking of a website. Some possible examples of white optimization techniques include back linking, analyzing of keywords, link building and creating content for users like that of Northern Virginia SEO Company..

Black hat techniques (unethical SEO)- encompasses techniques that violate the ethics and regulations of a particular search engine. It presents search engine results in incoherent visual schemes to search engine crawlers and algorithms. Also, it is mostly implemented by those seeking a quick return on investment on their digital online marketing campaign.


Some of the possible benefits of undertaking SEO might include:

  • Can generate a regular flow of traffic to your website the number of searches carried on search engines is astounding and so is the number of results that come through. Seo ensures that your page appears at the best possible rank and thus significantly improving your website visitors.
  • Enhances business growth – a strong online platform is essential for any savvy business person. Therefore, SEO underscores the underpinnings of what makes up for a successful online business market.
  • Gives a business an edge over competitors- good online ranking positions can be strong determinants as to who prospers in attracting the most amount of traffic to a website.

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